Privacy Policy

Privacy & Security

We take your privacy and security very seriously. This privacy statement discloses our information practices and declares our data collection methods, usage and confidentiality policies throughout our site.

Different areas of this site and associated applications may incorporate their own set of policies depending on the respective services offered and the data collection requirements. A separate policy is described for each area.

Website – General Policy

1. Policy Scope
This policy applies to all areas of the Groupmail websites with the exception of the customer resources and promotions areas which are governed by separate privacy policies. It is the responsibility of linked websites to provide their own privacy policies and we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any such websites.

2. The Groupmail Announcement Group
While browsing our site you may see several opportunities to subscribe to our product announcement group, to join this we require you to provide your e-mail address. We use this address to notify you of new software releases, updates and special offers. For your convenience, each announcement contains instructions on how to be removed from all future mailings. We do not make your e-mail address available to any third parties. Please note that customers are automatically added to this list/group.

3. Technical
Some of our products contain technical support wizards which help us to provide a higher level of service. When you use this software you have full control over what is sent back to our support staff. You can also have an exact copy of the data being returned to us sent to you also. This information (settings, hardware spec, and log files) is only used for the purpose of support and our copy is destroyed once your issue is dealt with.

Please note that when you contact Groupmail support any details you provide us are used only to help solve any issues you have and are destroyed once your issue is dealt with.

We do not make any of this information available to any third parties.

4. Cookies
The area of the site governed by this policy does not use “cookies” (which are small pieces of information that your browser stores on your computer’s hard drive), with the exception of anonymous session cookies. A session cookie only ever contains a unique identifier for managing session state and therefore does not contain any personally identifiable information. Session cookies are automatically deleted when the web browser is closed.

Applications – GroupMail Touch

1. Policy Scope
This policy applies to the GroupMail Touch Windows Store Application.

2. During Software Purchase
It is important to note that Groupmail Ltd does not process orders or sales directly. In the case of GroupMail Touch all of the ordering and product delivery is handled by Microsoft via the Windows App Store. Microsoft’s privacy policy can be viewed here.

3. Data Storage
GroupMail Touch stores all information entered by the user in a local database, with the exception of the ‘Options’ settings which are stored in a standard windows profile file and Log files which are saved to the local file system as standard text files. Sensitive information such as passwords will never be written to any of the log files.

User data stored in the local database includes Group Configuration, Contacts, SMTP Account Details, and Email Messages in addition to the internal system data required by the application. Users should be aware that when contact information is imported from other contact sources (such as the people app) a local copy of that data is stored in the database. This is essential due to the sand-boxed nature of windows store apps that prevent programmatic access to external contact sources.

As with most applications, it is recommended that the application is run under a user profile protected by a secure Windows password in order to prevent casual or unauthorized access to any data files. Where sensitive information (i.e. passwords) are stored within the local database, such data is always encrypted (this includes the SMTP Account Channel Passwords).

4. Privacy
GroupMail Touch accesses the internet in order to authenticate with SMTP services and relay your emails. This is in accordance with how a Group Mailing application is expected to behave. Aside from the the aforementioned SMTP Authentication and message relaying, none of your information, including your groups, email data and contact data are ever shared or submitted to any third party.