Sending personalized emails to multiple contact groups is a breeze with GroupMail Touch for Windows 8.1.

Start the Conversation

Reach out to your customers, friends, colleagues or whoever. GroupMail Touch makes it easy to send out updates, offers and much more.

Personalized Content

Send unique content to every subscriber by personalizing it with information you've stored for each contact.

Powerful Sending

You can send more than one message at a time and we've provided comprehensive queue management facilities that allow you to cancel, pause, and resume individual email campaigns!

Safe & Secure

Don’t rely on others to secure your important customer data. All of your email lists and message data are stored safely and securely on your own computer for complete peace of mind.

Easy List Management

Create any number of groups and contacts, import directly from the People app and send messages in an instant.

Save Time

GroupMail Touch will save you time, money and effort in helping you keep in touch with your contacts.

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